'''Magestone''' is an infamous awaken hacker group from CalFree. Their best known hack is wiping the result data from the CalFree gubernatorial election in 2046, which led to the events that made Los Angeles in to a free city.

Magestone was founded by Edwin Beasley, after a failed run for the FBI against the Sioux LTG. There were originally five members of Magestone, all believed to be academics from UCLA.

Magestone specializes in making worm viruses. They used a worm to wipe the CalFree gubernatorial election of 2046, attacked Calablack Investments – a subsidiary of Shiawase – in 2063, and were responsible for the creation of the viral component of Jormungand.

After the Crash 2.0  there was only a few members of Magestone left. It appears they may have moved to London and started a magic usenet group at Oxford.

==The Name==
Magestone is named after a mythical construct of the Matrix. The Magestone (not the group) is said to be a powerful crypto-key that can sleaze past any IC. It is possible that the "''private can opener program''" that Dunkelzahn bequested to Silvery K in his Dunkelzahn's Will was the Magestone.
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