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'''Macao''' is a free city in the Canton Confederation and the sister city of Hong Kong. The city is an important center of mercenaries and gambling.

== History ==
Macao became independent when China started breaking up in 2010s and became a part of Canton Confederation. At the end of 2020s, there was a border conflict between the Confederation and Guangxi which helped turn Macao into an important center for mercenaries. After the war, the city remained an important center for mercenaries operating in the war zones China and Southeast Asia. {{Src}} p.64.

== Politics ==
Macao is a free city, but unlike Hong Kong, it isn't an independent city-state. Although it is officially a part of the Canton Confedration, the influence of the government of the Confederation is very limited.

== Economy ==
Rather than attract corporations like Hong Kong, Macao relies on the large casinos legalised gambling allows to bring in revenue. Smuggling is another large industry with Chinese and Russian arms being sold to Guangxi and Vietnamese pirates and heroin and Indochinese magical compounds heading up to Vladivostok and on from there. {{Src}} p.63

Combat Inc. - 'the top mercenary contractor in the Pacific Rim' - moved their base of operations from Hong Kong to Macao. {{Src}} p.64

== Crime ==
With Triad control of Hong Kong being so complete, the Yakuza and Seoulpa Rings as well as the Greek Mafia have been forced to operate out of Macao although they've stil got the local Triads to deal with as well. {{Src}} p.63


The description of the '' ' Canton Confederation ' '''s control on Macao is based on the descriptions in http// " Rackers little diary "  by Thomas Beck , describing the life and shadowruns Young Runner called and Waschbärschamanin Ruth " Racker " Redmond and her partner Sakura and you as a pdf on the Shadowrun fan page "  http  //www.desertwars .com / index.php Desert Wars - may download Desert of Mind  " in the section Cyber ​​Poetry , " Racker 's little diary " , the" triad files " and " Lady of War - files ".

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