MET 2000 Typical Troop Squad

'''Name''' MET 2000 troop squad

'''Metatype''' Human (Orcs are common in the ranks. Changes for an Orc squad are in parentheses)


Body '''Special Stats'''

Professional Rating .5

Magic '''Skills'''

Firearms skill group (8 visual)

Survival (Command) (6)



FN HAR /BF/FA /meter


Winter Camo suit with combat helmet /8 ''Cyberware''

Wired Reflexes 1

Cybereyes with Smartlink, Low light, Vision enhance 2, flare comp.

Implant Commlink, all ratings 4. Agent, rating 4, plus analyze, browse, Command, Edit, Encrypt, Scan, Armor, Biofeedback filters, Attack, Black Hammer, ECCM, all at 4. Agent usually has Analyse, Armor, Attack and Black Hammer Loaded. Deck usually has Analyze, Command, ECCM, Encrypt, Scan, and Biofeedback Loaded, reducing response to 3. If an intruder is detected it will load the agent and drop Eccm, Scan, Analyse, and Command. Simlink is Cold ASIST.


Rating 6 medkit

50 m rope, climbing gear.

Survival kit

Gas mask

10 rating 6 Stim patches.
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