Luxor (Las Vegas)

* 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South
* Luxury Hotel/Casino, 4000 rooms

== Description ==
Let yourself be swept away by the mystique of ancient Egypt at '''Luxor''', a captivating resort combining value with exceptional service and upscale surroundings. Luxor’s unmistakable beacon of light and pyramid design make it unlike any other hotel on Earth. Luxor features 4,400 custom-designed guest rooms and suites located in the pyramid and towers. Each room is decorated with an Egyptian motif featuring wooden furniture etched with hieroglyphics. Inside the great pyramid, you’ll discover an opulent casino gaming area that’s as wide as the Nile, with everything your treasure-seeking heart desires.

With something for everyone, Luxor is more than a hotel. It’s an unparalleled travel destination.

''»If you would like to have some real Luxor-feeling, just don't travel there. - Turn and head for the real thing. Luxor, the marvelous place in Egypt. Themed luxury resorts awaits.«''
Madjid ibn Jusra — (222232/11-3-68) ''»Don't know the so-called real thing. - But you should be warned since the Koshari bought it out, the Luxor in Las Vegas became one of the worst tourist traps in our plagued City. It's realy a shame!«'' Cigarman — (222431/11-3-68) ==External links== *{{Shadowiki(Las_Vegas)(Las Vegas)}} CategoryLocations (Las Vegas) deLuxor (Las Vegas)