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A human infected with HMHVV. Like the wolfman of legend and film, victims of the disease are covered with a short coat of fur (most often grey-black), possess sharp teeth and claws, and suffer from a severely diminished intellect. The transformation grants the loup-garou thermographic vision and the adept-like ability to increase their strength once a day as well as moderate allergies to sunlight and aconite http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aconitum (wolfsbane) . For a four to six day period every lunar cycle, the Loup undergoes a secondary transformation that greatly increases the creature's physical abilities and sends it into a killing frenzy where it will attack and attempt to kill any creature that crosses its path. Like fomorians and ghouls, loup-garou don't suffer from essence loss, though, like the latter, they are capable of infecting others on contact - most often through bites, scratches, or other wounds.

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