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'''Los Angeles''' is a large city on the west coast of North America, in the Gulf of Santa Catalina. It has been annexed by Pueblo in 2061.
== Vital Statistics (unofficial) ==

(This population figure, as well as the demographic figures below, represent the LA Sprawl including the cities of Santa Ana, Riverside, San Bernardino, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Glendale, Thousand Oaks, Hollywood, East Los Angeles, El Infierno, Beverly Hills, Studio City, Westside, Harbor and Coast town, and other surrounding communities, not just the city of Los Angeles itself)
 Population 31,716,648 
   Human 53%
   Elf 14%
   Dwarf 5%
   Ork 23%
   Troll 3%
   Other 1%
 White 49%
   Jewish 31%
   Arab 2%
   English 6%
   German 8%
   Irish 5%
   Italian 5%
   Polish 3%
   Russian 5%
   French 1%
   Hungarian 1%
   Scotch-Irish 1%
   Scottish 1%
   Azanian 1%
   Swedish 1%
   West Indian 1%
 Black 10%
 Hispanic 33%
   Puerto Rican 1%
   Aztlaner 89%
   Cuban 1%
   Peruvian 1%
   Ecuadorian 1%
   Colombian 1%
 Asian 7%
   Chinese 20%
   Filipino 26%
   Japanese 13%
   Asian Indian 5%
   Korean 21%
   Vietnamese 5%
   Cambodian 2%
   Thai 3%
 Amerindian <1%
 LTG Numbers 1213, 4310, 3323, 7562, 4626, 8818

== History ==
In 2022 massive race riots break out in the city. Walls are erected to contain the riots. This ghetto becomes known as “El Infierno.”

In 2028, a large earthquake hits LA. It is referred to as the "Big One." Until it happens again, and again. Then it becomes known as the first of the "Big Ones." This earthquake destroyed LAX.

In 2045, an offshore reactor explodes causing a large radioactive tidal wave. It becomes known as the Green Tide.

In 2046, a hacker group in El Infierno called Magestone, in response to the governments lack of response and clean up for the Green Tide; wipes the voting data for the gubernatorial election while it was being tallied.

Sacramento attempting to track down the hackers sent the California Rangers and a few thousand mercenaries in to El Infierno. The resulting massacre, after one day, killed 20,000 civilians, with many mercenaries and rangers deserting their posts in disgust.

LA demanded for government assistance in cleaning up the mess they made, but instead California Free State promptly disowned LA and declared it a "free city."

In 2061, another large earthquake rocks the city, bringing down the walls to El Infierno. The resulting riots through LA in to chaos, until the PCC annexes the city in under a week.

In 2063, the Horizon Group is founded.

2064, the Crash 2.0 knocks out LA's Matrix for only a few weeks, as Horizon implements it's newly licensed wireless Matrix technology and becomes the wireless provider of the Matrix in both LA and CalFree.

On March 8, 2069, a large earthquake rocks LA, again, this time most of the southwest coast of the city collapses in to the ocean.

In 2070, a elaborate network of tunnels under LA is discovered. It is apparently a magical phenomenon extending down to San Diego and running all along the coast. It becomes known as Deep Lacuna.

== Geography ==
=== Seismic Activity ===
=== Neighbourhoods ===

== Law & Government ==

== Economy ==
=== Hollywood ===
=== Lockheed ===

Los Angeles is a zone of wild magic {{src}} p. 87


A small gang called the Steppin' Wulfs control the Harbor Barrens in Los Angeles {{src}} p. 108-109

A small gang called the New World Soldiers claim Los Angeles as turf {{src}} p. 110-111



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