Lists of restaurants in Seattle

This is a lists of restaurants in Seattle arranged by district

== Auburn ==
* Barn Burner - Large restaurant, cowboy cuisine
* Magician’s Feast - Medium restaurant and bar, American and Salish cuisine, the owner is a mage
== Bellevue ==
* Bellevue Crab House - Medium restaurant, sea cuisine
* Ezell’s Southern Accent - Small restaurant, Confederate (southern) cuisine
* Mogul, The - Large restaurant, Indian cuisine
* Silver Fools - Small restaurant
== Council Island ==
* Friendship Restaurant - Large family-style restaurant
== Downtown Seattle ==
* A Little Bit O’ Saigon - Small restaurant, Vietnamese cuisine, ties with the Red and Yellow Seoulpa Ring
* Big Rhino - Large restaurant, ork cuisine
* Cafe Sport - Medium restaurant, seafood and Salish dishes
* Damian’s - Large “meat-and-potatoes” family restaurant, Humanis Policlub ties
* Elliot’s - Large restaurant, French-soy cuisine, bias against humans (just not exotic enough)
* Glass Onion - Large restaurant, Japanese cuisine
* Gravity Bar - Medium restaurant, Manhattan cuisine, trendy and expensive
* Gray Line, The - Large restaurant, sits in Puget Sound, with a glass wall showing underwater during high tide
* Green Village - Medium restaurant, Chinese cuisine
* Icarus Descending - Medium restaurant, high class elven cuisine, ties to the Triads T
* Knutson’s Country Home - Medium restaurant, 20th century all-natural cuisine
* Lee Chee Garden - Small restaurant, Chinese cuisine. The owner, Eric Wong, is rumored to be a sorcerer.
* Ling Ho - Medium restaurant, Chinese/Japanese cuisine, controlled by the Yakuza
* Marcus’ Hovel - Medium restaurant, fine seafood
* Miner’s Landing - Medium restaurant, Seattle historical dinner threater
* Murphy’s Law - Small bar/restaurant, seedy and disreputable but serves great pizza
* Nukit Burgers - The first of many Nukit Burgers in Seattle
* Nyen Lang - Medium restaurant, Tibetan and Mongolian cuisine, features a nightly magic show
* Ohgi-Ya - Medium restaurant, Chinese cuisine, Yakuza controlled
* Other Place, The - Oldest and most popular four star restaurant in Seattle
* Pink Door - Fast food, small bar located next to a bakery serving meat pies, gyoza, eclairs and cakes
* Reno’s - Medium restaurant, Sioux, Pueblo and Aztlan cuisine. The owner, Reno Pyatt, is a former combat biker.
* Run Run Shaw’s - Medium restaurant, Chinese cuisine, Yakuza controlled
* Tam’s Under the Needle - Small restaurant, no-frills, in the shadow of the Space Needle
* THE Sports Bar - Medium restaurant, best sports bar in the metroplex, Mafia controlled
== Fort Lewis ==
* Angela’s - Medium restaurant, Italian cuisine
* Big “O” - Seedy strip bar, popular meeting place for shadowrunners.
* Golden Soy - Medium restaurant, Chinese cuisine
* Shy Giant - Medium restaurant, California and Sioux cuisine, popular with local Native Americans
== Puyallup ==
* Bishop’s Corpse, The - Medium restaurant and bar
* Howling Good Time - Medium restaurant and country-and-western bar, strong bias against metahumans
* Retirement, The - Medium restaurant and bar. The owner, Calvin Holdass, is a former metroplex employee who loves to dig up dirt on city officials.
* Twenten’s - Small restaurant, soy cuisine, run by an elderly shaman named Jenny Twenten
== Redmond ==
* Crusher 495
* Downfall - Bar, fairly safe and clean (for Redmond)
* Redmond Phoenix House - Medium restaurant, Japanese-American cuisine
* Yoshiro’s - Small restaurant, soy cuisine
== Renton ==
* Mon Hing Restaurant and Bar - Small restaurant and bar, hangout for local cops from West Kent
* Wanda’s Witchery - Small restaurant, popular with local deckers and mystics
== Snohomish ==
* Brother Anatole - Small restaurant, Humanis Policlub hangout
* Jay’s Boathouse - Medium restaurant, Salish cuisine
* Purgatory - Medium restaurant and bar, popular with mystics, members only
* Top Side - Medium restaurant, soy sea cuisine
== Tacoma ==
* Gianelli's Restaurant
* Lakewood Shezan - Medium restaurant, Tanzanian-Indian cuisine
* Tacoma Style - Medium restaurant, Salish cuisine, located above the Style nightclub, a popular meeting place

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