Lists of bars and nightclubs in Seattle

This is a list of bars and nightclubs in Seattle arranged by district
== Auburn ==
* Aurora, The - Bar, named for the ghostly lights seen in the alley
* Casey’s - Bar, decker hangout near the Clone Zone Mall
* The Hole Story - Bar, favorite of ork shadowrunners
== Bellevue ==
* Bellevue Poor House - Bar, Friday Night Fights and Tuesday night Sloppy Soy Wrestling
* Gates Casino - Casino, built by Charles Gates, father of Microdeck’s current CEO
== Downtown Seattle ==
* Alabaster Maiden - Nightclub, named for Gabriella Dematto, a mage who petrified herself in a magical backfire. Her statue decorates the club.
* Club Penumbra
* Cutting Edge - Nightclub, sleazy strip bar
* Dante's Inferno
* http// Matchstick’s
* Psychadelic Pirate - Nightclub, loud music and fresh talent, popular with the young and Awakened
* Seward Club - Casino
* Sybrespace - Nightclub, neon lights and pounding rhythms, popular with deckers
* THE Sports Bar

== Everett ==
* Dirty Rikki’s Mukiteo Speedway and Bar - a lore shop
* Ebey’s Bar - Bar and shadowrunner hangout
* Gravity Bar - Medium restaurant, specializes in sea cuisine and celebrities
* Jason’s Bar and Grill - Bar, Mafia front for a prostitution and gambling den
* Rubber Suit, The
== Fort Lewis ==
* Drunken Non-Com - Nightclub, popular with military types but does not admit trolls, possible Yakuza connections
* Lost Unicorn - Bar, said to be haunted by the ghost of a unicorn run over in the street outside
* The Terrible Taps - Medium restaurant and bar, corporate security people come here to get tanked after work
== Puyallup ==
* Armadillo, The - Bar, hot spot for local deckers, also a Mafia recruiting front
* Loveland Quinn’s - Nightclub, frequented by soldiers from Fort Lewis
* Spirit Focus, The
* Underworld 93
== Redmond ==
* Banshee (Club)* Jackal’s Lantern - Bar, decked out in barbed wire and discarded Halloween decorations, hangout of the Halloweeners gang
* Joke, The - Bar, Yakuza-run, in the ground floor of an old apartment tower that also serves as a base for black-market operations
* Mad Woman, The - Nightclub, mostly a sleazy bar with little music and less dancing
* Skeleton, The - Nightclub
* Superdad's - sleazy bar, a place where the locals ''drink their breakfast''

== Renton ==
* Italiano, The
* Murdered Mime, The
* Renton Hole In the Wall - Bar, hangout for down-and-out shadowrunners
* Terror Pit, The - Bar, popular with area mystics
== Snohomish ==
* Bawdy Lass - Nightclub and bar
== Tacoma ==
* Basil’s Faulty Bar - Bar. Owner Abe Heep was once an intelligence operative (code-name Tangent) who still trades secrets from time to time.
* DeClerry’s
* Fenris Nacht
* Palace of China

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