List of Totems Mentor Spirits

== Notes ==
The following are totems from both the books, use them at your own discretion.

== Book Totems (Spirit Guides/Spirit Mentor) ==

The bear is a mentor found in cultures wherever bears are known. North America to Europe and Asia. He is powerful, but gentle and wise. He tends to be slow-moving and easy-going unless urgency requires speed. Bear is slow to anger, but terrible in battle. Bear tends to be Calm, cool, and collected. He is the healer and protector of the natural world. Bear cannot turn down someone who needs healing without good reason.


+2 Dice for Health Spells

+2 Dice for resisting Physical Damage


Bear Magicians can go beserk when wounded (Taking physical damage only, not stun) in combat or if someone under their care is badly injured. Make a Willpower+Charisma Test (Wound Modifiers Apply). The character goes berserk for 3 turns minus 1 turn per hit; 3 or more hits averts the berserk rage entirely. A berserk magician will go after the attacker(s) without regard for her own safety. If the magician Incapacitates a target before the time is up, the berserk fury dissipates.


Cat is honored in cultures around the world. Cat is often seen as the guardian of mystical secrets, often involving the afterlife. She certainly knows many secrets, but rarely decides to share them, and never with anyone less than worthy. She is stealthy, sly, and arrogant. Cat toys with her prey- threatening, taunting, and confusing- rather than going directly for the kill.


+2 Dice for Illusion Spells

+2 Dice to either Gymnastics (Active Skill) or Infiltration (Active Skill) tests


Cat Magicians toy with their prey. Unless the Cat Magician makes a (Willpower+Charisma) (Target Number 3 Successes) test, they cannot make an attack that would incapacitate their target.However, if the Magician is wounded then all the playing around stops.

===Dark King===

The grim ruler of the land of death dwells in his kingdom beneath the Earth. He has dominion over the spirits of the dead and knows many of the secrets that lie hidden beneath the Earth.


+2 Dice for Assensing

+2 Dice for Perception tests

+2 Dice for Spirits of Man

-1 die to resist Physical Damage ===Dog=== Dog is a loyal friend. He fights ferociously to defend his home and those under his protection. Dog protects people from harmful magic and dangerous spirits, Dog is loyal, generous and helpful to those that show him kindness. He is single minded, often to the point of stubbornness. '''Advantages''' +2 Dice for Detection Spells +2 Dice for Spirits of Man '''Disadvantages''' A Dog Magician is stubbornly loyal. They can never leave someone behind, betray their comrades, or let another sacrifice themselves in their place without making a successful (Willpower+Charisma) (Target Number 3 Hits) test. ===Dragonslayer=== This most heroic of mentor spirits is also the most fun-loving. Though he fights to protect his own against all dangers, he likes a good party even more. He is a big brother who takes a friendly interest in everything his family does. Though sometimes naive, he makes a staunch friend and a deadly enemy. The dragons he slays have changed with the times. In addition to the literal dragons of legend, Dragonslayer also fights such modern monsters as crime, pollution, and corruption. Dragonslayer fights hard and plays hard. Once he has given his oath, he never breaks it. A dragonslayer Magician must behave with honor and respect, and demands the same from those around him. '''Advantages''' +2 Dice for Combat Spells + 2 Dice for (Insert Social Skill) '''Disadvantages''' If a Dragonslayer Magician breaks a promise, whether by choice or by accident, they take -1 die to all actions untul they fulfill the promise or otherwise atone for the error. *Still Being EDITED* CategoryMagic