List of Shadowrun novels

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46 English language novels have been published by ROC in conjunction with either FASA or FanPro.

Catalyst Game Labs has also released a collected volume of short stories as an e-book and trade paperback.

==FASA Novels==

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!! Author ! !align="left" !! Main Character(s) . Weisman (editor) ''{{amazon}}'' trade paperback . Charrette ''{{amazon}}'' Secrets of Power Trilogy (Twist) . Charrette ''{{amazon}}'' Secrets of Power Trilogy (Twist) . Charrette ''{{amazon}}'' Secrets of Power Trilogy (Twist) ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' (Profezzur) . Charrette ''{{amazon}}'' . Weisman (editor) ''{{amazon}}'' & Marc Gascoigne ''{{amazon}}'' & Geraint Llanfrechfa ''{{amazon}}'' & Sharon Louise Young ''{{amazon's Pawn}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' & Marc Gascoigne ''{{amazon}}'' & Geraint Llanfrechfa ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' . Charrette ''{{amazon}}'' & Marc Gascoigne ''{{amazon}}'' & Geraint Llanfrechfa ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' Dragon Heart Saga ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' Dragon Heart Saga ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' Dragon Heart Saga ''{{amazon}}'' . Stackpole ''{{amazon}}'' & Dr. Richard Raven ''{{amazon}}'' & Jonathan E. Bond ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon, Die Fast}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' } ==WizKids Novels== Wizkids revived the novel series to coincide with the release of Shadowrun Duels. Along these lines, some of the novels featured characters based on the Action figures. {="sortable wikitable" ! !! Author ! !align="left" !! Main Character(s) ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' . Hardy ''{{amazon}}'' & John Helfers ''{{amazon}}'' ''{{amazon}}'' } ==CGL Novels== {="article-table" !Author !Title !Main Character , edited by John Helfers |''SourceSpells & Chrome& Chrome'' // Russell Zimmerman |''http// Neat'' 'Connal |''http// Fire and Frost'' // Phaedra Weldon |''http// Dark Resonance '' // Russell Zimmerman // ''Shaken No Job Too Small'' ''http// The Vladivostok Gauntlet'' // ''Nothing Personal'' . Johnson ''http// Another Rainy Night'' // ''Sail Away, Sweet Sister'' // ''Hell on Water'' .L. King |''http// Borrowed Time'' // ''Crimson'' "Red" Lang |} {{Shadowrun Products}} ===See also=== *List of Shadowrun sourcebooks *List of Shadowrun rulebooks ==Sources== {{wikipedia}} CategorySources CategorySources (novels)