'''Leviathans''' are Dragons of the Sea (Or Sea Dragons).  They are usually found in deep salt-water habitats.  They are about 25 meters long, and serpentine in appearance with four stubby limbs that have powerful webbed claws.  They do have opposable thumbs on their forelimbs, yet leviathans generally suffer poor manual dexterity.  Leviathans can breathe water or air, with their long bodies moving swiftly and gracefully through water, yet slow and clumsily on land (Although, to date, a leviathan has not been seen on land).  Leviathans heads are long and flat with powerful jaws and usually have a strip of long kelp-like hair along the dorsal ridge.  Unlike their land-dwelling brethren, leviathan scales are small and fine, tending to be an iridescent blue-green color and being lighter towards the belly and darker towards the spine.

==Known Leviathans==
There is only one known Great Dragon of the Leviathan type - simply called the Sea Dragon.

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