Leonard Aurelius

'''Leonard Aurelius''' is the son of Ares Macrotechnology's founder Nicholas Aurelius. He inherited from him a major stake in Ares' capital, and took the position of CEO and Chairman of the Board of the corporation after his father's final retirement in 2030. The board replaced Leonard Aurelius by Damien Knight in 2033, the same year Nicholas Aurelius died. The relations between Leonard Aurelius and Knight were stormy ever since the Knight's takeover. Leonard Aurelius returned to the position of chairman of the board between 2049 and 2057.

He sold all of his Ares' stock, about 24% of the capital, to Arthur Vogel in 2059 and invested in Cross Applied Technologies, where he now holds a 27% stake. He is a member of the board and the head of Cross Global Development division.

He received this bequest from Dunkelzahn in his Dunkelzahn's Will

"To Leonard Aurelius of Ares Macrotechnology, I leave the black king of my antique chess set. May you prove a worthy opponent."

He has two known children Nicholas Aurelius (named after his grandfather) who is currently the head of Cross Advanced Electronics, and Sharon Aurelius, who still works at Ares Matrix Services.

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