Lars J. Matthews

'''Lars J. Matthews''' is a human who had a very large bounty placed on his head by the deceased Great Dragon Dunkelzahn for ten days in 2057.

For a period of ten days beginning on 14 February 2057, Lars J. Matthews will cease to possess any legal status. He will be stripped of all evidence of legal existence, including SIN, credsticks, DocWagon contract, bank accounts and so on. To the individual or group who ends Lars J. Matthews’ physical existence during those ten days, I leave all of Matthews’ assets and 1 million nuyen for a job well done. If Mr. Matthews survives and can prove his identity, his legal status and all possessions will be restored to him. Haven't you heard? Never deal with a dragon, Lars.

In the convention mission ''48 hours'', a group of runners are hired to protect Lars in the last 48 hours of his ordeal. It appears that one of the plot twists for this mission is for a man who looks exactly like Lars to appear in the last ten minutes and kill the Lars that the runners were protecting. Since the runners are paid afterwards, it is possible that this was an elaborate hoax by Lars and Dunkelzahn to fake Lars's death, for what purpose is unknown. http//

Dunkelzahn's will was read on August 15, 2057, six months after the time period he described for Lars's situation. It is unknown if this is a typo.

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