Kyle Morgan

'''Kyle Morgan''' was an assassin, who worked almost exclusively for Aztechnology. He had several aliases and used the cover identity of a rally driver, combat biker, and urban brawler.

His best friend is a dragon named Perianwyr, with whom he shares an empathic link. In 2022, the dragon Perianwyr woke up in Wales and feasted on a nearby flock of sheep. Kyle Morgan, with a shotgun and sheer charisma, prevented a mob of angry farmers from killing the newly awakened dragon, and they have been friends ever since.

*Kyle Morgan is a recurring NPC that appears in several Shadowrun Adventures as the primary antagonist. He sometimes described as the "the top assassin in the world". And is said to be "nearing 50 years of age" in the events of ''A Killing Glare'', 2054. It is implied in shadowtalk that he died in a plane crash while flying out of Cleveland "a few years back" sometime before 2063.

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