Kwonsham Industries

'''Kwonsham Industries''' is a Korean corporation headquartered in the former North Korean capital of Pyongyang. It produces a wide variety of products in the fields of agriculture, heavy industry, and electronics. It is also a member of the Pacific Prosperity Group.

Kwonsham Industries was formed in 2006 during the corporate buyouts that followed the Korean reunification. As the smaller North Korean corporations were being bought up by the more wealthy South Korean interests, several “orphan” corporations joined together for mutual survival and protection to form the Kwon Sham Group. They managed to survive the feeding frenzy, and even take over some of the smaller rivals.

The current President of Kwonsham Industries is Jae Myung Kim, an affable man in his early 50s. His goal seems to be expanding Kwonsham into a multinational corporation, hence its entry into the Pacific Prosperity Group. It is rumored that he has ties to the Choson Seoulpa Ring.

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