Kurdish Autonomous Zone

=Kurdish Autonomous Zone
=Marxist-Leninist one-party state
=Ahmed Massoud
=Kurds 98%
Other 2% =Sunni Islam 90%
Yazidi 5% =Kurdish 99%
Turkish 30%
Arabic 15% }} The '''Kurdish Autonomous Zone''' (also called '''Kurdistan''') is a country in the Middle Eastern region of Asia. ==History== The Kurds living in Kurdistan region waged an insurgency against the Alliance for Allah. The state achieved its independence in 2043 under the leadership of Ahmed Massoud. The state has often been involved in conflicts with East Anatolia. ==Politics== The state is ruled by the neo-communist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and its leader Ahmed Massoud. The PKK maintains a tight control over daily life of the civilians. The people of Kurdistan do not trust outsiders and it is difficult for any foreigner to enter a settled place in the state. Although independent, the state isn't recognised by any country in the world, however several countries do trade with it. The state also regularly gives aid to Secular Republic of Western Turkey in its conflict against the Eastern Turkey which is controlled by extremist Islamist insurgents. Despite his failing economic policies, Massoud remains popular because of his role in Kurdistan's independence and keeping the Great Dragon Aden, who lives in Mount Ararat in Kurdistan, at bay. Some dissenters who claim that Massoud has made a pact with Aden usually end up getting targeted by the military. ==Military== The military forces of Kurdistan are called Peshmerga. The military was involved in an insurgent campaign during the Great Jihad and during the war for Kurdistan's independence. It is also routinely involved in conflicts with the Islamist-held Eastern Turkey, which have usually ended with it beating the East Turkish forces. The military also allegedly performs military operations in Eastern Turkey routinely. ==Economy== The economy of the state has been stagnating due to Massoud's policies with its capital Erbil becoming dilapidated. The Peshmerga helps smugglers going from Turkey to Iraq or Iran in exchange for a cut of the profits. ==Religion== Although most of the Kurds are Muslims, a minority are also Yazidis. Yazidism has the same roots as Islam, however the Yazidis worship the archangels, in particular Lucifer who they see as God's chief archangel. Massoud as well as most of the top Peshmerga officials are rumoured to be Yazidis. The Yazidis are sometimes derogatorily called "Devil worshippers" by some Muslims and this has led to dissent. The religious beliefs of most of the Yazidis in Kurdistan are however different from the original Yazidis who are either mostly in hiding in Kurdistan or live outside the state alongside their Sunni Kurd bretheren. This new Yazidi sect regards Aden as Lucifer's incarnation and Massoud is rumoured to be a follower of it. ==Index== *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 6 *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 76 *{{src}}, 61 *{{src}}, 94, 115, 119 *{{src}}, 103 *{{src}} *{{src}} deAutonome Zone Kurdistan frKurdistan CategoryCountries CategoryCountries of Asia‎