Kristine Martin

'''Kristine Martin''' was the Director of Research at Universal Omnitech since at least 2050 and probably a lot longer. She is possibly the one of the top researchers in her fields of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. She sometimes posts on Shadowland BBS with the handle "KAM", presumably her initials.

In 2050, she was called as a witness during a class action lawsuit against Universal Omnitech. Brad Williams, who will later become Vice President of the CAS, was the trial lawyer, and caused her to break down during cross-examination.{{src}} p. 63

Due to differences in research ethics (involving Universal Omnitech-Aztechnology contravening the Copenhagen Accords) and other personal reasons, she fled Universal Omnitech in 2062. She was taken back, and UO put her back to work. In Spring of 2063, both she and her daughter were extracted from a Universal Omnitech clinic in Central America and Tenochtitlan, Aztlan, respectively. Their whereabouts are still unknown, but it is rumored that she is now on the staff of the Genesis Consortium.


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