'''Kraków''' (Cracow) is a city in Poland. Capital of the Małopolska Free Trade Zone, which is a subsidiary of Saeder-Krupp, it is one of the most prosperous regions of Poland (due to not being affected by most wars since creation of MFTZ in 2047).

The Cherkezov Vory has one of its strong points here, beyond the borders of the NEEC and the reach of Europol. 

The Polish Urban Brawl team of the ''"'''Krakow Bojownyzi'''"'' was created here of former members of the Armia Krajowa (AK) guerilla group. In 2073 they are playing in the German league - DSKL - after a successful challenge match against the team of the ''"Kieler Black Knights"'' in 2072. 

In the Teuton-Bowl 2073 they showed much less success, loosing their first match against the all-troll team of the ''"Schwarzwald Titanen"''.Blut & Spiele - German only adventure collection / campaign centered around the subject of Urban Brawl



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