=Parliamentary Republic with Military Presidency
President-General Kang-ho Lee
Korean 83%
Japanese 12%
Other 5%
Korean 94%
Japanese 43%
English 35%
Shamanist 31%
Buddhist 24%
Christian 18%
Confucian 5%
Unaffiliated/Other 10%
None 12%
=Won (W)
Exchange rate 1,000W=1¥
'''CrashChart Medical Coverage''' 80%
Guaranteed Response Time 10 minutes

In 2005, South Korean President Rhee was murdered by a North Korean communist dissident, though some thought the assassin was Japanese trained. With Japanese support, General Yoon, head of the army, seized control and invaded North Korea. The following year, North Korea retaliated with nuclear missile strikes against Japan. All of the missiles failed to detonate. Korea was unified by the end of the year. Japan then sent Imperial troops to "guard" the North Korean nuclear sites.

*2005 - President Rhee is assassinated. General Yoon assumes power and starts the Second Korean War.
*2006 - North Korea launches nuclear weapons against Japan. North Korea and South Korea are unified, ending the Second Korean War.
*2007 - Kwonsham Industries formed from mergers of privatized North Korean companies.
*2011 - First spirit village seen at Chejudo Island.
*2023 - President-General Yoon dies. Admiral Park selected by military as President.
*2030 - Eastern Tiger Corporation formed from merger of Samsung-LG, Daewoo and South Korean Energy
*2040s - BTL abuse is at epidemic levels but controlled by social organizations like the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church
*2055 - The Unification Church is revealed as a front for insect spirits.
*2059 - The Pacific Prosperity Group is formed, with ETC, Samyung, and Kwonsham as founding members
*2060 - President-General Hwang retires. General Kang-ho Lee becomes President.
*2064 - Kwonsham Industries files for bankruptcy protection.

Korea professes to be a democracy with an elected National Assembly, and a Prime Minister as it head. However, the clock has turned back to the 1970s, as Korea has returned to military dictatorship. Recently, President-General Lee has tried to use nationalism, portraying Japan and Japanese corporations as occupiers, to support his government. Of course, this places him in conflict with his Japanese supporters.

There are numerous political parties, including the Sang-Kun Anh's Korean Democratic Alliance, and Soo-hyun Shin's archconservative Celestial Path Party. The Korean Communist Party is banned by law, but still exists. There are also radical policlubs like the March 1919 Policlub, named after the WikipediaMarch 1st movement.

Japan regularly sends Imperial Japanese Navy ships to visit Pusan to subtly remind the Korean government who's really in charge.{{src}} p.59

===Foreign Relations===
*relations with Seattle {{src}} p.81{{src}} p.147

== Geography ==
===Notable Locations===
*Seoul-Incheon Megaplex
*Chejudo Island
*Mount Paektusan

== Economy ==
===Corporate Presence===
*Eastern Tiger Corporation (HQ Pusan) {{src}} p.75
*Hyundai has shipyards in Yeosu {{src}} p.188
*Kwonsham Industries (HQ Pyongyang) {{src}} p.76
*Mærsk Incorporated Assets has shipyards in Yeosu 
*Mitsuhama has a major presence, including the Total Service police company.{{src}} p.73
*Renraku Computer Systems in Seoul {{src}} p.78
*Samyung runs Korea's RTG.{{src}} p.185
*Shangui {{src}} p.35
*Shiawase has a major presence, including steel mills in Pyongyang {{src}} p.187 and shipyards in Yeosu .
*Sony has a Matrix games division.
*Wuxing has shipyards in Yeosu.
*Yamatetsu has a major presence, including shipyards in Yeosu.
*Yang-Su Enterprises

Novatech owns a few small companies in Korea. They're personally managed by Samantha Villiers, through Novatech Seattle.{{src}} p.15

Women are the majority of Korean shadowrunners. Men are usually, riggers, street samurai, and deckers. Most shadowrunners work exclusively with one fixer. Working with multiple fixers is strongly discouraged.

Shadowland node in (at least) Seoul.{{src}} p.27

===Local Slang===
*''chaebol'' megacorporation
*Mr. Kim Mr. Johnson
*''jung-gae-in'' fixer
*''mudang'' shaman

''This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun''

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