=Guayaquil, Ecuador
'''President''' Jaime Salazar
'''CEO''' Anibal Casimiro Pereira = =Private Corporation = = }} '''KondOrchid''' is a South America-based megacorporation with a focus on shipping and logistics along the Pacific Rim. The AA Corporation transportation and shipping conglomerate acquired the much-sought AA rating from the Corporate Court in 2061. The megacorporation's business interests and market focus are used as a front. for Jaime Salazar controls the Olaya Cartel and KondOrchid's primary business is in fact the trafficking of narcotics and bio-awakened drugs (BADs) for his and the other ghost cartels. KondOrchid is quite discreet and makes full use of its extraterritorial status to foil the official inquiries and investigations. Thanks to its status as a AA megacorporation, heir vessels, zeppelins and trucks pass unchallenged in North America and Far East Asia as they are the megacorporation's extraterritorial property just as privately-enclosed land facilities might be. In 2062, Aztechnology and IDEA troops raided KondOrchid facilities in South America to enforce a Corporate Court warrant to search and seize evidence of the production and distribution of Tempo following its explosive appearance and popularity around the world, along with the resulting escalation in crime and violence. KondOrchid was nearly subjected to an Omega Order before Salazar was able to cut a deal with Aztechnology. The company managed to keep its AA rating and survive mostly intact in return for giving Aztechnology exclusive control over the manufacture and distribution of Tempo. ==Subsidiaries== * Kondorchid Cargo * Tradex * Ribamar Shipbuilding and Off shore Construction * PanAmerican Rail KondOrchid also owns shares of '''Aerial Industries''', a Latin subsidiary of the Allied German States Zeppelinwerke in MetrĂ³pole. ==Index== *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{src}}, 12 CategoryCorporations deKondOrchid frKondOrchid