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''Picture from Paranormal Animals of Europe''
The '''Kludde''' is a shapeshifting creature that can change into three different forms canine, avian or feline. It makes an effective predator using its shapeshifting abilities in conjunction with its other paranormal abilities of alienation, blindness, reflection of the preys desires and hypnotic songs.

The canine form appears as a large, black dog, with a short tail, thick fur and a pair of vestigial leathery wings sprouting from its shoulder blades. It prefers this form when hunting its prey, usually mammals, birds and sometimes metahumans. When in this form, it walks on its hind legs.

The avian form appears as a large raven and is generally used either when fleeing from an attacker, to scout out hunting terrain, or to stalk prey.

It uses its feline form, that of a black, domesticated cat, to survey more urban environments for prey. All three forms share the distinctive red corneas in its eyes.

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