Kingdom of Shaanxi

=KIngdom of Shaanxi
Shaanxi = =FileShaanxi flag.png =Constitutional Monarchy = 43,412,000 =Xi'an ='''Queen''' Michelle Chou = Han (99%)
Other (1%) = Mandarin (99%)
Other (1%) = Confucianism
Daoism = = = Nuyen }} The '''Kingdom of Shaanxi''' ('''Shaanxi''') is one of the splinter states that were formed out of the collapse of the People's Republic of China during the period from 2018 to 2027. It is a region of desert in the north, mountains through the central region forming a natural barrier with much of China, and a subtropical zone in the south. Shaanxi is in north-central China, and is bordered by Gansu, Henan, Mongolia, Ningxia, Republic of China, and Sichuan. ==History== Shaanxi is a country in Asia formed in 2018 following the secession of the Canton Confederation after a massive earthquake struck the Tai-Hei Mountains in Shaanxi in 2017. The mountains already formed a natural boundary between Shaanxi and the rest of China. With Beijing preoccupied by the damage reaching as far as Tiananmen Square and destroying the PRC's underground nuclear stockpile, Shaanxi, as well as Sichuan and Inner Mongolia, seized the opportunity to secede from China. During the Republic Civil War (2019-2027), the province of Shaanxi joined the independent state of Shaanxi. During this time neo-communists invaded and occupied parts of greater Shaanxi before being repelled. Meanwhile, a military coup installed a junta that controlled the new state until it was overthrown by allies of the late Chiangsiu Chou, the father of Queen Michelle. Michelle Chou, who has been evacuated to the United Kingdom following the assassination of her father by communists loyal to Beijing who opposed secession, returned to Shaanxi to assist in its development. She instead claimed power as Shaanxi's royal head of state while drafting a new constitution that established Shaanxi's government as a constitutional monarchy similar to the United Kingdom. While the monarchy is mostly figurative under the constitution, Queen Michelle still wields considerable power and influence due to her intellect, legal training, and network of influential political and corporate figures. The House of Magistrates, the upper house of parliament, will choose her successor unless it amends the constitution in light of Queen Michelle's death or abdication to alter the path to succession or possibly eliminate the monarchy altogether. History is important in Shaanxi, especially since the monarchy is a reminder of regional history. Xi'an is located near Changan, the capital of the Western Xia Kingdom before it merged with Imperial China over 4,000 years ago. Xi'an then became the imperial capital through numerous dynasties until the capital was moved to Beijing. Shaanxi has engaged in numerous projects to commemorate the culture and heritage of the Western Xia Kingdom and Shaanxi's historical importance within China for the last four millennia. This has also drawn interest and constant overt and shadow activity from arcanoarchaeologists working on behalf of The Atlantean Foundation and the Apep Consortium. ==Major Cities== '''Xi'an''' The national capital is a mix of tradition and modernity. It is the seat of government while also serving as a major industrial center within China. However, it also celebrates the cultural heritage that comes from being the imperial capital through various dynasties and also being the gateway to Changan, the capital of the Western Xia Kingdom. Numerous Japanacorps do business in Shaanxi, especially Renraku Computer Systems, Shiawase Corporation, and Mitsuhama Computer Technologies. Ares Macrotechnology also operates in the capital. Wanguo Anbu (Roughly, "Shadow State"), Shaanxi's intelligence agency, operates in Xi'an. '''Taiyuan''' The second-largest city, Taiyuan is an even larger industrial center than Xi'an. It is focused on massive industrialization efforts involving mining and heavy manufacturing. ==Special Locations== '''The Great Wall''' The Great Wall extends throughout northern China, but Shaanxi's sections are the most-visited. '''Hua Shan Mountain''' One of the Five Sacred Mountains of China (represented on Shaanxi's flag), Hua Shan is in the south. Strange magical activities there began with the passage of Halley's Comet, prompting an offensive by Henan and Sichuan that only ended when the great dragon Lung directly intervened. Now the three armies are locked in place, and the mountain is a no man's land. '''Tai-Hei Mountain Range''' The Tai Hei Mountains, where the Chinese nuclear arsenal exploded in 2017 following a massive earthquake, also forms Shaanxi's border with the Republic of China. This area is contaminated, especially the groundwater, and serves as a buffer against aggressive neighbors of the kingdom. '''Tomb of Shih Huang Ti''' Shih Huang Ti was the first emperor of China, and the tomb is famous for the army of terracotta soldiers that are found buried with the king. The archaeologists discovered that the tomb was immense, and reproduced in miniature the capital of Changan on 32 square kilometers. Excavations have resumed with the advent of the kingdom of Shaanxi and priceless treasures await to be found there. The Knights of Rage closely monitor the site. '''Xuanwu Peak''' One of the Five Sacred Mountains of China, and located in the north. There is the Beiyue Temple at the top, the Huanging Temple hanging on a cliff, and the Ying Wood Pagoda. This is a place where energy magic is dormant, little minds go there, and spells are difficult to cast. ==Index== *{{src}} *{{src}}, 77 *{{src}}, 4 *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 21-24, 35-39 *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 130-31 *{{src}}, 15, 38 *{{src}}, 80 *{{src}}, 92 *{{src}} {{Chinabox}} CategoryCountriesCategoryCountries of AsiaCategoryChina deShaanxi frShaanxi