'''Kham''' was an orc shadowrunner and part of Sally Tsung's crew. He was the grandson of a founder of the Orc Underground in Seattle and was noted for his stubborn bravery.

He was leader of a large ork family in the barrens and, while he retired shortly after the second crash, family members of his founded the smuggler group Bot'Kham (Orzet for "The Sons of Kham"), one of the most organized of the "Creeps"-smuggling network inside the Seattle Ork Underground.

*SourceSecrets of Power Trilogy (supporting character, numerous pages)
*SourceNever Trust An Elf(main character, numerous pages)
*SourceRunner Havens, p.99
*SourceState of the Art 2064 ??
*SourceLoose Alliances, p.85 (shadowtalk comment)

CategoryPeople of 2050s
CategoryStreet samurai
CategoryPeople in Seattle
Construction materials from Dumpshock, needs sourcing

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! Brand !! Class !! Notes
™ , used in construction
, often used in doors
, extremely hard, used for underwater domes, etc.
™ , cheap and rapidly decays in acid rain
™ ™ ™. smart material, dissolveable with black-market solvent
/ wood , used for doors
™ , can turn opaque and/or mirrored
™ , high-tech, and very strong
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