Kevin Brooks

'''Kevin Brooks''' is a Lone Star detective in Seattle. He has been in the profession for over 15 years and has seen it all. He was recently assigned to investigate a rash of serial murders in Redmond. During the investigation detective Brooks came into contact with a group of shadowrunners out for revenge of their murdered friend. Since then he has partly changed his mind about the seedy Seattle underworld and the "terrorists" within. He is an honest man and a good contact if the group or individual has honorable intent.

Name Kevin Brooks "Detective Brooks"
Race Human Sex Male Age 43
Description 6' tall, Blue Eyes and black hair. His common attire is Secure ultra vest and long coat
Body 5
Quickness 4
Strength 5
Charisma 5
Intelligence 6
Willpower 4
Essence 6
Magic 0
Reaction 6
Initiative 5 + 1d6
Combat Pool 7
Athletics 4
Unarmed Combat 2
Clubs (Nightstick) 3/5
Spray Weapons 3
Car 5
Biotech 2
Etiquette (Street) 5/7
Electronics 3
Instruction (firearms) 3/5
Knowledge Skills
English 5
R/W 3
Physics (Ballistics) 2/3
Lone Star Tactics 4
Psychology (Criminals) 1/3
Everyday wear Secure Longcoat, Secure ultra-vest
Work wear Lone star security armor
Ruger Thunderbolt (Smart Link II, Customized grip)
Extendable night stick (baton)
Can of mace
Other Gear
Nav-dat GPS
Smart Goggles
DocWagon Gold Contract
Wrist cell phone with flip-up screen
Pocket Sec
Containment Manacles
Medkit, 1x stim patch, 1x trauma patch
Russell Becket - Lone star special ops Decker
Andre Becket - Lone star special ops officer
Fred Gardner - Lone star evidence room handler
Skitz - Shadow - Drone rigger
Magnet - Shadow - Covert ops specialist
Dean "Deadly" Teolian - Shadow - Street Sam
(Replace contacts as appropriate)
Written by Nick from NJ.
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