The notorious pirate '''John "Kane" Kastle''' is the most wanted man in the CAS, wanted in nineteen other countries, a sociopath who thrives on media attention from his deeds, and a founding member of Jackpoint.

John Kastle served in the CAS Army Air Cavalry flying a Federated Boeing Eagle until June 2051. Three members of his squadron were shot down during a covert strike on an Aztlan military base in Matamoros. The only survivor, whom Kane only identifies as "Kat," was taken prisoner and talks between the CAS and Aztlan to release her were abruptly terminated. Kane stole his Eagle, "Ruby Skies," and sank two Aztlan patrol boats before vanishing into the shadows.{{src}} p.14

Stainless, a frequent user of the old shadowland, mentions that he has a reputation being crazy and a team killer, and that he typically hops from country to country finding expendable teams to work with. In addition to rescuing Kat, his goal was to start up a racing team with his customized Saab {{src}} p.7. Later he turned from shadowrunning to piracy on all oceans of the Sixth World.

In 2058, Kane put together a force to raid an Aztlan military base, but found no data regarding Kat's whereabouts. He tripled his raids on Aztlan and Aztechnology assets over the next two years. In 2061, he joined the Yucatan rebellion and helped raid an Aztlan military base in Campeche. One of the political prisoners was Colonel Jorge Juan Reyes, who had been at Matamoros and knew about Kat. They worked together for over a year to track her down; they discovered that Aztlan was holding her near Bogotá. Kane's plan to rescue her relied on sheer overwhelming force he spent almost a hundred million nuyen to hire over three hundred mercenaries, including almost the entire Free Marine Corps, five aircraft and two Stonewall main battle tanks. After breaking her out, Kane has kept her at his side.

He claims to be the most wanted man in the world (wanted in more than 20 countries), openly boasts about his ranking in wanted lists about it in his signature and made number 9 in SIG's "Most Wanted Criminals" list in 2064. He also reveals an insight to the world of criminals in that one could avoid being immediately killed is by using the politics of the government against each other, so while one group may seek his arrest, another want him out free to further their own personal agenda.{{src}} p.150

At some point in his career, he was caught by http//shadowrun.wikia.com/wiki//dev/grrl /dev/grrl during one drunken poker game with the Louisiana governor along with several armed men (although she didn't turn him in, as she knew the men would turn on her immediately if they realize the target was Kane instead of being the supposed deadbeat father they were hunting for). While he would have easily killed her without a problem, her ability to locate and track down an infamous criminal not only gain his respect but brought her under his tutelage as a potential Shadowrunner and the closest thing he has to a daughter. 

He had a rivalry with The Gingerbread Man, the infamous Caribbean League pirate, and dueled with the Los Angeles celebrity runner Alex Machine during the Tempo wars of '71, which was publicly broadcast on the P2.0 network.{{src}} p.15

He also is known to be a frequent customer of the street doc Butch, who he calls "Butcheress".


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