'''Kagoshima''' (鹿�?島県 Kagoshima-ken) the southmost prefecture of Kyushu island, in the homeland of the Japanese Imperial State, and encompasses the Ryukyu islands group (�?��?�列島, ''Ryuku-retto''), north of Okinawa. The capital is the city of Kagoshima (鹿�?島市; Kagoshima-shi). The capital city has been nicknamed the 'Naples of JIS', for its bay location, hot weather and impressive volcano, Sakurajima.

Kagoshima prefecture is home to Tanegashima Space Center, the JIS spaceport, located on the south end of Tanegashima (種�?島) island, 115 km from Kyushu.

===Shibata Construction and Engineering===
I was going to add Shibata Construction and Engineering to Yamatetsu's list of subsidiaries, since it's mentioned in Cyberpirates that Buttercup owns a controlling share and supplied start-up money. However, looking over some of the more recent books, YoTC mentions that SCE moved from terrestrial construction and maintenance to orbital habitats, especially when Aztechnology commissioned them to construct the Spindle. TWL then mentions SCE was a subsidiary of Mitsuhama, firing rockets from Tangeshima Space Center in 2023, and reacquired it's space assets from Renraku when they snatched them from Fuchi. Confusing and confusing. --User YoungFreud

I've done some more reading at and it looks like Shibata came back into the news during the Corp War between 2058 to 2059. It may have been a part of Mitsuhama at the time, which it's mentioned in TWL that it was more of a tax write-off. Buttercup and Yamatetsu's injection of money might have allowed it too break off from MCT. However, with "controlling shares" owned Buttercup (never any indication if it's over 51 percent or she's just the majority stockholder), it would probably be considered a subsidiary. I'm probably going to make a link to it in the Subsidiaries list for further expansion, because of it's interesting history and since it has a lot of pages devoted to it in YoTC and TWL. --UserYoungFreud 1556, 19 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Yamatetsu does not own a majority of shares in Shibata, only Buttercup does own some. So Shibata can not be a Yamatetsu subsidiary. It's a business partner at best. This is about the definition of the word "subsidiary".
--UserNath 1812, 19 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

I hate to bring it up again, but, after rereading the chapter again, pg 72 of Cyberpirates mentions Shibata is Yamatetsu-owned. The entry on pg 86 "SCE got it's start-up money from Buttercup in Yamatetsu, and she's still got controlling shares". This could be interpreted that she owns Shibata through Yamatetsu. --UserYoungFreud 2013, 19 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

It's probably best to list it as its own corporation for now, with the important parts of this discussion added to the page somewhere?  --UserMshieh 0431, 20 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

I  think Shibata should be removed as a subsidiary. Though Cyberpages p.72 says "Yamatetsu-owned Shibata", the history of the company has been rewritten in later books. For example, Cyberpirates said SCE got the startup money from Buttercup, but later on it's a Mitsuhama subsidiary that Buttercup sank money into to fend off a takeover bid from Ares. The later material makes it clear that Shibata is independent of Yamatetsu, like the Shibata/Aztechnology/Fed-Boeing comet probe while Yamatetsu had its own probe. It's a member of the PPG. It's not listed in the list of Yamatetsu subsidiaries on Shadows of Asia, p. 14. UserGlorian 1954, 26 June 2006 (EDT)

Should we merge this with the Evo page?  They're the same corporation, and neither page is so huge that there's a need to separate them.  --UserMshieh 1525, 26 June 2006 (EDT)
I agree that the page should be merged.  It was just a name change. The logo even stayed the same. UserGlorian 1954, 26 June 2006 (EDT)

Should we incorporate the new Evo logo from the 20th Anniversary edition corebook?

I think, it would be a good thing. - Pegasus Games has put the new logo in question on their homepage for free download some weeks ago. --UserKarel 2338, 17 July 2009 (EDT)