Joshua Morningstar

A former member of the Children of the Dragon and former close friend to the group's founder, David Dragonson, Joshua left the CotD following the appearance of Ghostwalker in 2061. He claimed to have had a vision that ther Great Dragon was the spirit they were worshipping, and determined to follow Ghostwalker as his new savior. Morningstar led a number of members to break off from the 
Children of the Dragon and took control of several CotD temples.

He was especially focused on taking over the temple in Denver, and has since lived there and hoped for an audience with Ghostwalker. He finally got his wish during a series of moves made during the Rite of Succession in 2062 and 2063, though it was during an attempt to weaken Ghostwalker by tricking him into destroying Morningstar for betraying the dragon.

Joshua Morningstar did not have any known magical abilities until Ghostwalker appeared. He follows the Dragon Totem Totem, and may in fact be a Drake.


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