Jorge is a small time fixer, running operations out of a stone two story burnt-out pharmacy that smells of sulfur and the petrochemicals of yesteryear. The windows of both floors are shattered & boarded up, and there's always either Jorge's Orc bodyguard, a brute named Alf, or a few bribed Rusted Stillettos lingering on the premise to keep the rabble away.

Jorge is a crafty fellow of medium height & build, with pale skin and golden eyes. His ebony hair is kept short, but not particularly well-kept or neat. He isn't outright deceitful, and takes the responsibility to his underlings seriously, but is constantly looking to make a buck.

Jorge knows most happenings on the local turf, which encompasses the run-down strip mall opposite to the 'pharmacy' and a few blocks. He can acquire most small-arms and 'cheap' (Availability 6-8, exceptions apply) equipment. He keeps tabs on gang politics, and knows a few low-key Johnsons.

'''Metatype''' Human

'''B''' 3 '''Q''' 4 '''S''' 3 '''I''' 4 '''W''' 4 '''C''' 4 '''E''' 5.3 '''R''' 4 PR 3
'''INIT''' 4 + 2D6
'''Dice Pools''' Combat 6
'''Active Skills''' Etiquette 3 (Street 4), Pistols 3, Negotiations 4, Unarmed Combat 3, Interrogation 3
'''Knowledge Skills''' Gang Identification 4, Fences 3, Underworld Politics 4, Equipment Acquisition 4, Area Knowledge (Redmond) 3
'''Cyberware''' Boosted Reflexes 1, Cybereyes (Low-Light Vision)
'''Gear''' Secure Long Coat 4/2, Browning Max-Power CategoryHumans CategoryFixers CategoryCharacters with 3E stats CategoryPeople in Seattle