'''JetBlack''' was a phenomenally successful dead angst rocker star. JetBlack became very famous in the 40s at the young age of 18. While his management got rich, the rocker became depressed. His music became increasingly dark and more angst-ridden, which was adored by his fans.

He disappeared in his early twenties on his way home from a concert in 2048 and was later presumed dead due to street violence. He became a legendary figure, similar to Elvis of the 20th century.

Obstinate street rumor however says he's not dead and still performing. The truth, known by a very small number of selected individuals, is that he became a vampire. He is keeping a low profile, but wields considerable influence behind the scenes, controlling a Seattle gang, the The Nightstalkers. He is also a magician, and around 2070s returned to the music scene, hiding behind ''idoru'' (a virtual idol persona).On The Run



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