Japanese Imperial Marines

'''Japanese Imperial Marines''' (日本�?国海�?陸戦隊, ''nihon teikoku kaigun rikusentai'', or �?国海�?陸戦隊, ''teikoku kaigun rikusentai'', “Imperial Special Naval Landing Forces”) are the overseas military of the Japanese Imperial State. The Marines where formed following the 2006 Imperial Declaration, also known as the Big Switch, and the reorganization of the Self-Defense Forces. Modeled after the United States Marine Corps, the Imperial Marines specialize in amphibious and airborne assaults and securing naval bases and logistics routes, but also serve as the Japanese Imperial State’s multi-purpose, rapid-response task force, suitable for quick insertion into areas requiring emergency intervention, and capable of using ground, air, and sea elements. They also provide support for various Japanacorps military actions, supplying heavy armor, artillery, and air support that the corporations lack.