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Jane Foster, also known in the shadows as '''"Frosty"''', is the illegitimate daughter of Ehran the Scribe, and one of the few Immortal Elves born after the Awakening. She is tall and thin with long, snow-white hair that falls down her back. She is elven, although she is human-looking. She tends to dress for effect and has a weakness for one-of-a-kind items, including a platinum ring in the shape of a coiled dragon (a Power Focus 4, apparently once owned by Dunkelzahn {{src}} p. 28). She is pragmatic, and always wants to be "in control", which puts her at odds with her current tutor Harlequin. Jane Foster is a member of Jackpoint, and posts under the handle "Frosty."

Jane Foster grew up in orphanages in Columbia, Missouri. Self-taught, she was able to put herself through the University of Missouri, and was making a life as an executive secretary at CommTech, Inc., when she was drawn into a personal challenge between Harlequin and Ehran the Scribe. She chose to remain with Harlequin afterwards, who began to teach her how to use her latent magical talents. During her tutelage, she has met Great Dragons like Dunkelzahn, fought the Horrors in the Chasm between worlds, and experienced more than possibly any other metahuman has in the same span of time.


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