James O'Malley

'''James "The Hammer" O'Malley''' was the ''Don'' of the Finnigan Family Mafia family and the ''Capo'' of Seattle until he was murdered in the late 2050s (''see note'').

First James O'Malley was the ''Capo'' of the Mafia at Milwaukee. He had a younger brother, Brian O'Malley"Three Fingers" O' Malley, who was made ''Capo'' of Seattle by the ''Commissione'' at the beginning of the century. When Brian died in the same night like the Oyabun of enemy Yakuza after a long all-out war between the two crime syndicates in 2030, ''Don'' James became became obsessed with revenge against the Yakuza. He neglected his city's operations so dramatically that the Commissione stripped him of his position and forced him to retire.

In 2044 he was recalled from retirement and send to Seattle from Chicago by the ''Commissione'', who installed him as ''Don'' and ''Capo'' over and in front of the short-time ''Capo'' Patrick Finnigan to "unite" the Finnigans and the O'Malleys.

He was the father of Rowena O'Malley who became ''Donna'' of the Finnigans after his death and ''Capa'' of Seattle in 2070.

*The sources are inconsistent about the year of O'Malleys death. According to ''Underworld Sourcebook'' he took over Mafia operations in Seattle in 2044 and was killed 12 years later (2056). But in ''Runner Havens'' his year of death is given as 2058.


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