James Booth

*'''Name''' James Booth
*'''Race''' Human
*'''Running Mate '''Brandon Ekimatsu
*'''Race''' Human
*'''Party''' Technocratic
*'''Campaign Motto'''“The Status Quo”

'''James Booth''' is one of the candidates for the UCAS Presidential Election 2057.

He is the former vice president of the Steele administration recently removed from office.  The rigged 2056 election and the administration’s resultant ouster from office crippled President Steele politically, but Booth refused to let his once-promising political career die and is making a comeback bid for the top seat. Most experts consider him a lame-duck candidate, but he may appeal to some traditional-minded voters who are looking for continuity in a bewildering world.

Booth’s primary goal is to distance himself from the political scandal that got him removed from office.  He would very much like to know how the election results were rigged and by whom.  that information might allow him to vindicate himself in the eyes of the public, giving him the necessary boost to put him in the presidential chair.

Booth’s running mate is Brandon Ekimatsu, a former corporate golden boy with Mitsuhama Computer Technologies.  A staunch Technocrat, Ekimatsu is a political moderate. Popular opinion labels him a corporate lapdog and supporter of any “progress” that provides a better business environment for the megacorps.

Booth is the ultimate middle-of-the-road candidate.  He offers nothing new; instead he is basing his appeal to the voters on ending “this three-ring circus of a campaign” and getting back to business as usual. Being booted out of office gives him a major stigma to overcome, and so he is working hard to pin the entire rigged-election scandal on former President Steele.  Booth provides a soothing contrast to the weirdness of the other candidates; it is only a matter of time before he loses it during a debate or campaign speech and says outright that he thinks everyone else is nuts.

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