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 ''The following is NPC commentary original intended for page 57 of ''Running Wild.

'''>''' Leave it to you to restrict sentience to homo sapiens. Sasquatches are also susceptible to the ghilani retroviruses, specifically the moneriviridae subgenus. A few medical journals have recently published reports of a vrykolakiviridae expression among sasquatches as well. Jabberwocks, they’re calling them. I don’t know why there’s such a connection between sasquatches, HMHVV, and Lewis Carroll, but they don’t tend to ask me about these things.
There’s new evidence emerging which shows that other potentially sentient species, such as chimpanzees and troglodytes, might also be susceptible, but there’s nothing concrete on that front at the moment.
'''>''' Hannibelle ==Jabberwock== ''This would have appeared before the harvester in the "New Expressions" section of ''Running Wild. The existence of an HMHVV I expression among sasquatches has been conjectured for more than twenty years. It's only been within the past eighteen months or so that we've discovered evidence of such a creature. Unfortunately, we can now confirm its existence. The jabberwock was first documented near Devil's Tower, Wyoming around Halloween 2069, when a UCAS Airlines passenger plane en route from Seattle to Chicago fell out of the sky with no explanation several kilometers southwest of the Tower, deep in Sioux territory. There were very few survivors to begin with, and fewer still by the time the night was through. One of the survivors had a cybercamera and was able to provide some of the images you see here. While they lack the adaptive coloration of their HMHVV II-infected cousin the bandersnatch, jabberwocks possess a number of other abilities that make them formidable hunters. They are also alarmingly intelligent; unlike HMHVV II, it appears that vrykolakiviridae has done nothing to damage the sasquatch’s basic intellect. Fortunately, jabberwocks are extremely rare, and they tend to stay away from heavily urbanized areas. '''>''' What the hell were they doing out by Devil’s Tower? That’s not a normal territory for sasquatches, is it? '''>''' While typically encountered in the Pacific Northwest, some bands of sasquatches have been migrating eastward since the founding of the Native American Nations, many of which are working on reforestation projects which serve as homes-away-from-home for the sasquatch. There’s a pretty healthy population around Denver, for instance. ===Statistics=== Long thought not to exist at all, the jabberwock is the expression of the basic HMHVV virus in the sasquatch. The jabberwock is difficult to distinguish from its non-vampiric cousin. The creature’s thick fur darkens to black, and the teeth are somewhat elongated and considerably sharper than is normal. Jabberwock are hemovores, subsisting solely on the blood of their victims. Like vampires, they cannot hold down normal food, and alcohol induces nausea (see Vampires). '''Natural Habitat''' Mountainous and evergreen regions in the northern reaches of both North America and Asia.
''Fourth Edition'' {="text-aligncenter; background;" !style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width3em;"!style="width3em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width3em;"!style="width2em;"} '''Movement''' 15/35 '''Skills''' Animal Calls (Trade Knowledge) 5, Assensing 3, Athletics group 2, Infiltration 4, Perception 4 Shadowing 4, Unarmed Combat 3 '''Powers''' Concealment (Personal), Dual Natured, Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell), Essence Drain, Fear, Infection, Mimicry, Regeneration, Sapience. '''Weaknesses''' Allergy (Sunlight, Moderate), Dietary Requirement (Sasquatch Blood), Vulnerability (Plastics). '''Notes''' Some jabberwocks may have the Adept, Magician, or Mystic Adept qualities. Jabberwocks have +1 Reach.
''Third Edition'' {="text-aligncenter; background;" !style="width2em;"!style="width3em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width3em;"(×5) +2D6 |} '''Attacks''' Humanoid, +1 Reach '''Powers''' Concealment (Personal), Essence Drain (Permanent), Fear, Infection, Mimicry, Regeneration, Sonic Projection. Many also have Magical Skills. '''Weaknesses''' Allergy (Sunlight, Moderate), Dietary Requirement (Sasquatch Blood), Vulnerability (Plastics)
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