Italian Federation

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== Politics ==
The Italian Federation is a loose federation of States.
The Italian major Party is the "Federalist Italian Party"(Partito Federalista Italiano).
Governament, nominally a democracy, is unable to control areas outside of St Marino, the Federal capital.
The federal capital moved to San Marino after the secession of Lazio from the Papal States.

== Geography ==
There are six republics and a Monarchy forming the federation.

-'''Federal Republic of Padania'''
Padania Republic was built by the Lega nord Party after the splintering of Italy at the start of the Century; it was composed by the state-region of Piemonte, Lombardy, Serenissima Republica, Free City of Trieste, Ligurian Corporation and the western part of Emilia-Romagna (better known as Emilia).
Padania was controlled by the heir of Lega Nord the Xenophobic northern party filled with Racism, mixing hate for Metahumanity with hate for non Northern(Celtic) people.  It's practically a dictatorship.

-'''Tirreno-Adriatic Republic'''
Comprised of the Regions of Tuscany, Romagna (eastern part of Emiliaromagna) and Umbria is the most cultured part of the federation (Although the center of Magic lies in Naples).  It is the center of one of the most important naval yards of Italy, the city of Livorno. The governing body of the Republic is the Major Council, ruling from Florence, the capital.  These days, its too short term with Padania. (?)

Sannio is formed by the Regions of Puglia, Campania, Calabria-Moilise, City states of Naples and Reggio Calabria, and the southern part of Marche.  It is an Awakened land dominated by the city of Naples, center of Magic and Culture.  It does not have a true capital but is governed by congress of citizens and is similar to an old Soviet republic without the oppressive regime.  After years of criminal earth-abusing pollution, the landscape is deserted and arid, but thanks to the efforts of the government nature is recovering.

The Island state of Sicily is, for the most part, a nation apart; ruled by an ultra-conservative New Italy (A loose political formation of arch-conservative partiues of the old), it is controlled by the Mafia in every aspect of civilization.
The capital, Palermo, is a cradle of Crime and Shadowrunning, famous in all western mediterranean states.  After the disastrous eruption of Etna in 2059, the east part of the island became inhabited by talismongers searching for telesma.  Sicily is a center of culture and beauty and remains one of the most romanticized vacation sites in all of Europe.

-'''Sardinia ''' 
Sardinia is another Island-State, but it is very different from Sicily.  Here the independent movement was not backed up by a local mafia but emerged from the rage of the common people.  Although Sardinia is, in many matters, more free and independent than other states of the Federation, it has the second largest corporate presence (The first is Ligurian corporation, a division of Saeder-Krupp).  The ruling corporation here are Ares Macrotecnology with the great munition plant of Nuoro.  The Capital of the Island is Cagliari.

-'''St. Marino''' 
San Marino was independent since the Middle Ages but assented to join in the Federation in 2040 when it was chosen to became the capital.  It is ruled by the Catholic Party but the jurisdiction of the Republic of Titan Mountain (official name of the State) does not involve the Federal building at the foot of Mountains.

-'''Papal States''' 
The State of the Church or Papal states are the only existing monarchy in the Federation, but in not in a true sense, because the Pope is only nominally the ruler of the nation (Comprised of the Whole Latio and part of Marche).  The governament body is Senato; half of which is elected by popular election method and the other half appointed by the Concistoro (The high ruling body of Catholic Church).  In Papal states, canonic laws are enforced with hardness and gaiety, and Christian denominations other than catholic are forbidden.  Racism is discouraged alhrough, for the moment, although there are no metahuman bishop.

Current Pope (head of states and chief of catholic Church in the world) is PioXIII┬░ who is described as a good man but not a skilled politician

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