Italian Confederation

=Italian Confederation
short Italy = =FileFlag of the Italian Confederation.JPG=Theocratic Federation =52,785,500 =Rome =N/A =Unknown =Unknown =20,400 Euro =1 Euro = 1 Nuyen }} '''Italian Confederation''' or '''Italy''' ==History== *2010 **Pope John Paul III dies of VITAS and is succeeded by John Paul IV. *2012 **Awakening causes reactionary, conservative backlash and spawns Papal Bull denouncing metahumans. *2013 **John Paul IV dies and is succeeded by a moderate John XXV. *2014 **The Church's change of policy at Council of Bishops causes a break with conservative German Catholic Church. *2024 **Pontifical doctrine officially changes with Imago Dei Encyclical and the Awakened Schism is born. *2027-2030 **Successive Italian governments collapse from corruption scandals. *2031-2036 **Italian forces fight in both fronts of the Euro Wars. *2033 **The European Economic Community, southern France, Italy and southeastern Europe shatter into hundreds of city-states.{{src}} p.28 *2036 **Five Days of Milan signals the end of the Republic. Corporate and mercenary troops seize key locations to ensure the peace. *2037 **Papal States founded. *2038 **Repubblica Serenissima, Mezzogiorno and Sicily found local governments followed by other city-states. *2044 **Italian Confederation officially formed. *2057 **Venice's canals are mysteriously purified. ==Politics== ===Constituent states=== *Carnia *Emilia Romagna *GeMiTo *Lombardia *Mezzogiorno *Papal States *Republic of Ferrara *Republic of Modena *Republic of Serenissima *Republic of Tuscany *Sardinia *Sicily *Trentino-Alto Adige *Trieste *Valle D’Aosta ===Foreign politics=== Relations with Britain {{src}} p.40 Relations with Germany {{src}} p.43 ==Economy== ===Corporate Presence=== *Saeder-Krupp {{src}} p.84 *Renraku Computer Systems in Trieste {{src}} p.79 ==Crime== ===Shadows=== *Shadowland node in (at least) Sicily.{{src}} p.27 ==References== ''This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun'' ==Index== *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{src}}, 117, 118, 126 *{{src}} *{{src}}, 163 *{{src}}, 129 *{{src}}, 57 *{{src}} *{{srcx}} {{src}} *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 147, 148-149 *{{src}} *{{src}}, 130 *{{src}}, 104 *{{src}} ==See also== *Italian Federation (unofficial) CategoryCountries CategoryCountries of Europe deItalienische Konföderation frConfédération Italienne