Inner London

'''Inner London''' is separated into 11 districts. It has a population of 3,500,000 with a population density of 530+ per kilometre. It receives nearly 7 million visitors per annum.

== Districts ==

=== West End ===

The west end is split into two main areas. The Underplex and the Overground. The two are linked by Tube Stations and Entrance Tunnels by foot.

==== Underplex ====

The underplex is a giant shopping centre underground, it covers an area containing Marble Arch, Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Piccadilly, Tottemham Court Road, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross and Covent Garden.

Underground parking is provided underneath Hyde Park, which is hollowed out to provide parking for both visitors and the thousand-strong staff of the centre.

The Underplex's security staff wear brown and orange uniforms, However security measures have been lax recently and a police division has been created to deal with difficult individuals.

Travel around the complex is controlled by CANDY, The centre's administration computer. Simple automated sideless buses run predetermined routes throughout the centre.

==== Overground ====
The overground is a safe place to wander around. As long as you have an armed escort. The Police keep it relatively safe on the weekends for shoppers, however trouble is never more than 10 paces from a police patrolled street.

People living in the Overground are a wide mixture of class and educational backgrounds. Referred to as the Shadowtown by its more nefarious residents, a modest living can be made from gullible or unwary tourists.


*South Marylebone
*St. Pancras

=== The Temple ===
The Temple, taking its name from the Temple Church, is the political centre of the city, home to the Lord Protector's Offices, the Lord Protector himself and the courts of law. The Lord Protector's Offices are split into five divisions; The Licensing Bureau, the Oversight Board, the Information Directorate, the Education Bureau and the Administrative Bureau.

=== The City ===
The City is the financial and geographical heart of London. It houses the NatWest Tower, the HKB Building, The Overmann Tower and the brand-new Stock Exchange Tower.

The Mayor of London resides in The City.

The City is made up of two neighbourhoods, The Ancient City of London & Wapping and Shadwell. A stroll through the City of London reveals wonders such as St. Paul's cathedral, the Old Bailey and the new City Justice Courts. Wapping and Shadwell contains some fashionable Marinas and a small Arcology.

=== East End ===

The East End is like something out of time. It is inhabited by Cockneys (In the truest sense of the word) who have fought as a region to keep the drek of metahumanity in the Docklands.

It comprises the east end in the traditional sense, plus more of the city to the east.

The East End houses overspill for the financial districts, old warehouses have been converted to offices or demolished and replaced with corporate skyscrapers.

==== Neighbourhoods ====


There are also various other neighbourhoods. (''London Sourcebook, p.86'')

=== Westway ===
The westway is a motorway, raised above the buildings in the area as a solution to the traffic problem between mid London and the prosperous west.

The estates lying in the shadow of the Westway are reputedly the worst in Britain. Gangs rule the streets which is an area of concern due to the proximity of the Estates and Paddington.

To the far west of Westway is an area of derelict industrial parks. This area is home to the largest prison in London, Wormwood Scrubs.

Due to falling land prices, the area is likely to be a target for corporate expansion in the near future.


*Notting Hill
*Westbourne Green

Other Neighbourhoods (''London Sourcebook p.98'')

=== Lambeth Containment Zone (The Squeeze) ===

The Lambeth Containment Zone was created under the guise of retuning law and order to the area after a medical scheme reportedly failed. "Project 42-20", a project quoted by the company to 'combat an epidemic of Asian Bird Flu' has been rumoured to be a potentially government-backed experiment into forced gene-pool manipulation, to understand and control Goblinization.

The company responsible was Adams-Hoffman, they are reported to have been directly responsible for 720 deaths, and 9200 indirectly. A channel-7 documentary "Medicine Bag" uncovering this truth 15 years later brought the company to its knees through investigations.

People are urged not to visit the Lambeth Containment Zone without escort and are reminded that most travel insurance will be invalid if a visit to the Lambeth Containment Zone has taken place.

=== The Palace ===
This is the district within which the Royal Family reside. It contains Buckingham Palace, St. James' Palace, the Palace of Westminster and Lambeth Palace.

Also in the district are the Houses of Parliament, Lancaster house, Clarence house and many tourist attractions such as Westminster Abbey, Downing street and the Old New Scotland Yard.

Most Members of Parliament live within The Palace or the Estates.

=== Angel Towers Arcology ===

The Arcology is run by British Industrial PLC and is on the site of the old Battersea power station. It is surrounded by New Covent Garden Market and BritRail maintenance works for Kent, Sussex and Surrey links.

=== The Estates ===

The Estates are a collection of noble family estates, where the noble families in some ways reverted to past times in changing the area from mixed housing, to defined areas of noble ownership. A large area of poor housing and industrial complexes has been demolished to create the Sands End Royal Park, a popular hangout for young nobles and their security teams.

=== The Village ===

At the heart of the Smoke is a triangular wedge of green showing through the ruined or failed architectural attempts of the last century. This is the Village. Within is a large portion of the Hampstead Heath, untouched by the expansion of the city. The inhabitants here live in a high-tech yet traditional dream in which they live in open countryside, rather than within a stone's throw of one of the busiest cities in Europe.

The Village is populated heavily by commuters, many of whom work within the Underplex.


*Camden Town
*Primrose Hill

Other Neighbourhoods (''London Sourcebook, p. 104'')

=== Docklands ===

The docklands is an array of half-completed development work and abandoned projects. The most successful of the completed projects have been the London City Airport and the Docklands Arena.

The Docklands has become home to squatters of both ethnic and metahuman origin. Further east, Beckton has retained its lower-middle class population. Most if not all of the residents of the Docklands are unemployed.

=== The Dogs ===

The Isle of Dogs is split into three neighbourhoods Poplar, Millwall and Cubitt Town. It houses modern and expensive housing alongside giant corporate headquarters.


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