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=Bi-Cameral Parliamentary Democracy
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Leader Unknown
Indo-Aryans 72%
Dravidian 25%
Mongolian & Other 3%
Hindi 60%
English 20%
Hindu 84%
Sunni islam 11%
None/Other/Unaffiliated 5%
=Indian Rupee (INR)
Exchange rate 1 INR = 0.4¥
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Guaranteed Response Time 15 minutes
'''Indian Union''' or '''India'''

The first cases of VITAS occur in New Delhi {{src}} p.104{{src}} p.24

Calcutta was almost destoyed in the 2010s|'teens thanks to VITAS and the fires that followed but is now the largest city in the Indian Union with 10 million citizens. It was rebuilt as a cutting edge, state of the art sprawl and although attempts were made at cleaning out the surrounding slums they were unsuccessful.{{src}} p.74

A nuclear exchange with Pakistan some time in the 2020s turned most of Kashmir into a wasteland {{src}} p.15

There is at least two metavariants confirmed recently in India; a Dwarf one called Harumen and an four-armed human one, known as Nartaki (literally "dancer" resembling the mythical Shiva).{{src}} ?

The Indian Union is a federal republic. The President of India is elected every five years, and is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. The Parliament of India consists of the lower house, the National Assembly, and the upper house, the Senate. The National Assembly is elected every three years. The Prime Minister is normally a member of the National Assembly. The Senate is the "states house", with the legislaturs of the Indian States electing ten Senators to serve six year terms.

There have been several referendums in the States, asking their people if the State should become an independent country. All have failed, however. To respond to this crisis, the Parliament of India passed the India Act, 2030, which makes clear that if any state wished to leave India, they would have to ask their people a clear question, and must get a clear result. Several Governors of the States protested this Act, and declared their States independent, sparking the Indian crisis of 2030.

The Supreme Court of India is the Highest Court in India. Justices of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President on the approval of the Senate. The Supreme Court also has the power to veto state legislation, but has never used such power yet.

The Indian government controls the Sriharikota launch facility {{src}} p.19

===Corporate Presence===
*Renraku Computer Systems in Madras {{src}} p.78

The Armed Forces of India consist of the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, the Indian Navy. The President is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces are one of the most powerful military's in Asia. India is also a nuclear country.


Return of the Hindu caste system, with heavy cyberware implantation amongst the Kshatriyas (warrior and ruler caste) and Munis (cleric subcaste) as a form of ascetic worship {{src}} p.75


Vishakapatnam renowned for vicious pirates {{src!}} p.123


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