India Act, 2030

The '''India Act of 2030''' was the response of the Government of India to increasing referendums on independence in Indian States. The Act was introduced by the Prime Minister of India personally, and received support from both houses of Parliament. The Act was passed on March 20th, and was signed the next day by the President. Several States responded by making March 20th "The Day Freedom was Lost". Some Governors responded by sending a letter to the President, asking him to dismiss the Prime Minister. The President refused. On March 26th, several states declared their independence, but the Government of India refused to recognize the states as independent countries (Indian crisis of 2030). The President responded by sending in the Army into the States, but the States considered this an invasion.

After the end of the Indian Crisis of 2030, the Act is still law. Some State Governors say they still oppose the act. Support for the Act is high, but was low when it was first introduced in the National Assembly.

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