'''IFMU''' is short for "'''I'''nternationale '''F'''ahrzeug- und '''M'''aschinen-'''U'''nion AG" (''International Vehicle and Machine Union'').
It was a German A-rated corporation headquartered in Munich. IFMU faced many problems during the 2050ies and almost collapsed in 2057 but recovered by means of downsizing and streamlining (after the Corp War IFMU was downgraded from AA to A status). IFMU's end came in 2065 First the Württemberg Chamber of Commerce sold its shares (16%) to compensate financial problems. Then Cross Applied Technologies got rid of its shares (9%) due to increasing global pressure by Ares and FBV.
In the end three majority shareholders remained Proteus, FBV and Saeder-Krupp. After months of tensions caused by the enmity of FBV and S-K the situation was solved by disassembly of IFMU. The various parts of the company went equally to the three majority shareholders. The IFMU was the second-biggest MET 2000 shareholder (21%). The mercenary group was regularly used for prototype testing and as back-up security. After the disassembly of IFMU, the FBV took over IFMU's shares of the MET 2000, as well, as most of the IFMU corporate sector of the city of Berlin. Former IFMU facilities inside the SOX were later acquired by NeoNET. ==Major Subsidiaries== '''IFMU Robotik''' Located in Leipzig, concerned with drones and robotic systems. ''After 2065 IFMU Robotik belongs to AT&T, a S-K subsidiary.'' ''Smaller parts of IFMU's drone branch were taken by Ruhrmetall'' '''IFMU Air Technologies''' Located in Friedrichshafen, manages IFMU's activities in the aircraft production sector. ''After 2065 the former IFMU Air Technologies belongs to Proteus, which renamed it in Airbus Aerials.'' '''Sternschutz Security''' Headquartered in Stuttgart, Sternschutz is a security corp active both in the AGS and other countries. ''After 2065 Sternschutz belongs to FBV and has been merged with former competitors ProSecuritas and Deutscher Sicherheitsdienst, aquired shortly before by FBV.'' '''Gesellschaft für technologische Entwicklung''' The "Society for technological development" manages development projects in eastern Europe and Third World countries. It is based in Dresden. ==Index== *Deutschland in den Schatten II, 289 *System Failure (''German release add-on chapter''), 144 ==External links== *{{Shadowiki}} CategoryCorporationsCategoryAGSCategoryAA CorporationsCategoryA Corporations deInternationale Fahrzeug und Maschinenbau Union frIFMU