'''Hualpa''' is a Male Great Dragon of the Feathered Serpent variety, and leader of Amazonia. He is described as being predominantly dark green with brilliantly colored feathers. He does not typically assume a metahuman form. His translator is Maria Locasin, a eco-activist shaman who was formerly Mexican (before the formation of Aztlan).

Hualpa has a strong ecological agenda, and his policies regarding the governing of Amazonia reflect this. He has the support of a large amount of eco-activist groups, as well as a large "army" of Amazon Awakened, including shapeshifters, nagas, harpies, leshy, merrow, wyverns, and even free spirits of all kinds. He opposes Aztlan and Aztechnology.

Hualpa was first spotted on January 3, 2012, when tourists on the Yucatan peninsula reported seeing Hualpa as he paid a visit to the ruins of Chichen Itza. He gave no interviews, nor was he seen again until August 28, 2034, when he and two other great dragons led an alliance of Awakened creatures into the city of Manaus, Brazil. After two months of fighting with Brazilian forces, the capitol of Brazil fell and surrendered to the Amazon Awakened on November 2, 2034. After the fall of Brazil, Hualpa offered amnesty for the people of Brazil, as long as the environmental damage to the Amazon jungle ceased. Following the formation of Amazonia, several nations of Central America were annexed as part of Amazonia lands, blocking Aztlan expansion into South American lands at the countries of Colombia and Venezuela.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn left Hualpa the Elemental Scrolls of Ak'le'ar in his Will, and granted the Pale Orchid and Ashes of the First Tree to the country of Amazonia.

==Relationships with Other Dragons==
Hualpa is most closely allied to the dragons that assisted him in the alliance that took over Amazonia, Sirrurg and another Great feathered serpent, possibly Arleesh. He also has favorable relationships with Hestaby and Mujaji, and may seek an alliance with Ghostwalker due to their mutual hatred of Aztlan. However, he remains aloof from the other dragons, content to pursue his ecological agenda within the isolated confines of South America.

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