Hoop Snake

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''Picture from'' Paranormal Animals of North America
==== ''Natrix circumflexis'' ====
The '''Hoop Snake''' is so named due to its very unique method of locomotion. They catch their tail in their mouths, forming a large circle, and roll rapidly downhill. This allows them to either to escape nearby predators or to attack possible predators at the bottom of the hill, hoping to cause injury so they may escape in the confusion. The snake feeds mostly on small mammals, swallowing their prey whole, although they are a venomous snake.

The hoop snake breeds in late April. Male snakes compete in exhibitions of rolling to attract females. Females lay clutches of 10 to 20 eggs in late June, which hatch in early fall.{{src}} p.144


The German version of the Hoop Snake may have been discovered by Micalyn Parry, and the female snakes bear their young live. The English version has no such references.


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