'''Hobgoblins''' are a metavariant of Orks.  Most hobgoblins are of Arabic or Central Asian descent.  They are shorter and of slighter build than other Orks.  They tend to have a greenish tint of skin, sharper teeth, pointed chins, and dark eyes.  While widely rumored to be quick-tempered and possessing a vindictive sense of honor, this may be a cultural bias rather than genetic predisposition.  However, a joint study by the Charles University (Prague) and the Atatürk Polytechnic Institute (Istanbul) point to high levels of steroid hormones that may point to a biochemical source of aggressiveness.

Hobgoblins have an average height of 1.80 meters and average weight of 98 kilograms.According to the ''Runner's Companion'' Metavariant Variations (Average Heights and Weights) table

==Famous (and infamous) Hobgoblins==
*Clockwork - Jackpoint member, rigger and infamous for his hatred for any technomancers {{src}} ?
*Imperativ - Decker and Shadowtalker from Nuernberg in the AGS, owner of the first German matrix café various German only Sourcebooks, especially "Deutschland in den Schatten II"
*Isa Dansade Bayajida - goblinisized Hobgoblin from Lagos, one of the founding members (the ''Five Stripes'') of the Babaku Gang {{src}} ?
*Ozgour al Houssari - one of the two founders of the Anarchist Black Crescent


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