Hideo Yoshida

'''Hideo Yoshida''' is a board member of Evo, formerly Yamatetsu, who recently underwent a Goblinization (into a "half ton rock-like changeling," possibly an early Obsidiman) under SURGE during the Year of the Comet, 2063. Before his change, he was one of the racist hardliners who supported Saru Iwano. He is the head of the megacorporation’s South America division. He has been in the position of chairman of the board twice (and deposed twice), and is described as aggressive and smart, always careful to keep one step away from his dirty work with a group of trusted fixers.

Hideo Yoshida is a descendent of a Japanese nobleman, with several connections to Yakuza. His main residence is in Peru. Apparently, he has been funding some weird covert archeological operations in the Andes.

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