'''Henequen''' is a small-ish male adult feathered serpent who lives in Cheyenne. He runs a legal business in Sioux Nation called Henequen Enterprises, that less legally operates a number of shadow ops within the Sioux Nation.

He is 10 meters long, with an 8 meter wingspan, and weighs in at 3,000 kg. He often disguises himself as a Hispanic human youth.

== History ==
2040's Henequen founds La Venta.

Sometime before 2052 Henequen moves to the Sioux sector of Denver.

Before Henequen was revealed to be a dragon, he masqueraded as a rainforest shaman.

In 2061 Ghostwalker revealed Henequen to be a dragon and forced him to move out of Denver. Before leaving Henequen helped Zacualtipán to escape Denver.

In 2062 Henequen moved to Cheyenne.

After moving to Cheyenne, Henequen attempted to join the Native American Nation Sovereign Tribal Council. He failed due to not having an authentic tribal affiliation. He attempted to get the laws changed to allow him a seat on the council, but ultimately was unable to. 

== Holdings ==
Henequen is the owner of Henequen Enterprises, Inc. (HE), an import/export and smuggling company. Before 2061 it was headquartered in the Sioux district of Denver. After Ghostwalker's arrival, Henequen was forced to relocate the HE HQ to Cheyenne. HE already had an office in the Sioux capital, which was greatly expanded when Henequen himself moved in.

Henequen owns at least 3 Ares Dragons for transportation. And a warform cybered cougar, a few cockatrices, and a few spirits for security.

Henequen heads an anti-Aztlan organization called La Venta.

Henequen has holdings in several Cheyenne trid studios.

== Relationships ==
Henequen hates Aztlan and Aztechnology. He spends a lot of his resources to undermine them.

It is believed that Henequen has ties to the Yucatan, which would explain his dislike of Aztlan.

Henequen had a rivalry with William Whiteclay, head of the Lakota Mafia, until Whiteclay's death in 2072. Whiteclay attempted to have Henequen assassinated before it was known Henequen was a dragon. Once Henequen moved to Cheyenne, the two never directly threatened each other's life but instead played a game to take over different shadow operations within the shadows of Cheyenne. They developed a friendly rivalry out of it.

After Whiteclay's death, Siouxkiller, a Lakota Mafia-made man, took over the organization. Due to a series of events, Siouxkiller made enemies of both the Concrete Sidewinders and Henequen. This resulted in the Lakota Mafia falling under the influence of Aztechnology, which places the Lakota Mafia in a much more hostile stance against Henequen.

Henequen uses the Sioux go-gang Concrete Sidewinders to handle some smuggling jobs.

Henequen has a neutral relationship with Ghostwalker. He has been permitted to return to Denver.

Zacualtipán is one of Henequen's informants within Denver.

== Personality ==
Henequen is often quite jovial and displays an unpredictable sense of humor.

== Index ==
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