'''Hatchetman''' was a legendary street samurai in the 2050s. He suffered catastrophic injuries in late 2056 or early 2057 and underwent extensive augmentation, which included cybermancy. He disappeared in 2057 after leaving the unnamed facility that performed the cybermancy procedures.Date stamps in ''Cybertechnology'' part 2 ("03-xx-56") pre-date those in part 1 ("11-xx-56"). This could be a typo.

At age thirteen, Hatchetman and his half-brother Fizz were part of a small gang called the Firemen in their neighborhood of Fire Corner in Puyallup. When the Slag Merchants gang killed eleven-year old Digger, a fellow Fireman, a short and bloody gang war erupted that left the Slag Merchants eradicated and Hatchetman blind. He received his first set of cybernetic eyes from Fizz (a B&L Envisio 208L left and a Fuchi-Tanner AVX right).

He became a courier for the local Yakuza when he was almost fifteen and got spurs in his right arm at sixteen. Hatchetman was kicked out of the Yakuza for killing a blackmailer without consulting them. He had his left hand, which carried a failure brand, replaced. He soon became a shadowrunner and got his entire left arm replaced. That arm popped off in a wendigo's claws in a fight in Athabascan Council territory. He had wired reflexes installed after that fight, followed by headware communicators, healing symbiotes, and an adrenal pump that nearly gave him two heart attacks. Hatchetman became an honorary Cascade Ork after helping some of them acquire cargo from a deceased riggerSourceNative American Nations Volume One. 88-89. In 2052 he had plastic bone lacing installed. Since then, he received soft- and firmware upgrades but no new cybernetics.

While in critical care following a job gone wrong, he uploaded SourceCybertechnology to Shadowland concerning cybertechnology. He received extensive augmentation that taxed his will to live, turning him into a cyberzombie. After he left the clinic, his whereabouts were unknown.SourceCybertechnology

In a comment FastJack posted into the Jackpoint in 2070, he stated that he knew Hatchetman personally and called him an old friend.Augmentation p.143

In 2057, he still had short, black hair, but this didn't help make him look less like a cybernetic abomination.

Besides full-auto guns and cannons, he often utilized an axe, which was like a trademark item to him.Shadowrun The Trading Card Game"Hatchetman 2057 - Cyborg, human Runner"


; I never mix business with pleasure - I just can't tell the difference. 
 ''Hatchetman'' (sometime before 2056) Quote from Shadowrun The Trading Card Game"Hatchetman - Streetsamurai, human Runner" (Copyright FASA)

; ... I asked him if I was alive.
; He said yes.
; I asked him if I was going to stay alive.
; He said yes, as long as I remembered.
; Remembered what, I asked.
; Remembered that I was alive, he answered.
Early 2057SourceCybertechnology pg. 62


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