A '''harvester''' is a elf (or elven variant) infected with Human Meta-Human Vampiric Virus.

A harvester is a lone, carnivous predator, merely a wild animal and also very territorial. Harvesters first were identified in 2069 in Houston/Texas.

==SR3 statistics==
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===Harvester=== {="text-aligncenter; background;" !style="width2em;"!style="width3em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width3em;"/1 (×5) /5 +2D6 |} '''Attacks''' 6S (9S with two-handed attack) '''Powers''' Enhanced Physical Attributes (Quickness and Strength, three times per day for EssenceD6 combat turns), Enhanced Reactions, Enhanced Senses (Low-Light and Thermographic Vision), Pestilence (HMHVV-II) '''Weaknesses''' Allergy (Silver, Moderate)
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