Harmful Paranimals Act

'''Harmful Paranimals Act''' was an act passed in Quebec on May 1, 2021 that placed a bounty on Paranormal Animals.  It was later revised in September 19, 2061 to recognize the legal status of SURGE victims, to add SURGE species to the bounty list, and remove dragons from the list.  Because of this act, the "trade" of Bounty Hunting for paranormals exists uniquely in Quebec.

To claim a bounty, 90 percent of the pelt, including the head, must be brought to a Ministry of Wildlife facility.  It includes several "classes" of animals, with different payscales as follows
* Class E Paranimals - Devil Rats, SURGEd vorpal beaver (?), other small vermin, 50f per pelt
* Class D Paranimals - Barghest, Cockatrice, Demon Rat, Ghoul, Sasquatch, other "metahuman-sized" paranimals, 500f per pelt
* Class C Paranimals - Basilisk, Eyekiller, Griffon, Harpy, other "large" paranimals, 2,000f per pelt
* Class B Paranimals - Banshee, Wendigo, Vampire, other sentient HMHVV-infected species, 10,000f per pelt
* Class A Paranimals - Horned Bear, Night Manta, Piasma, Shambler, other "very large" paranimals, 20,000f per pelt
* Class S Paranimals - Free Spirits, 50,000f per pelt
* Class X Paranimals - Wyvern, Kraken, other "very dangerous" paranimals, 100,000f per pelt

The Harmful Paranimals Act has drawn much criticism, especially from groups who protect sentient non-metahuman species.  Some groups have taken militant action against the Bounty Hunters.

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