Hans Dechant

'''Hans Dechant''' founded Austria's prime media corporation MediaSim during the Euro Wars.
In 2058 he sold his corp to MCT much to the surprise of his fellow Austrians. Afterwards, he became ''Vice President of Media'' in MCT's Europe division. ==Index== *{{src}}, 58, 60-61, 62 {{DEFAULTSORTDechant, Hans}} CategoryAustria CategoryCorporate employees CategoryPeople in Europe CategoryPeople of 2050s deHans Dechant
Larseeri is a student at OSU. He is apparently working on some sort of project that involves editing wikis, but '''unfortunately he did not bother to research the wiki he was editing''', and just began adding random real world information about automobiles, when the Sixth World Wiki is focused on a '''fictional''' futuristic world known as the Sixth World.

What a doushe.
I'm a French player of the Shadowrun game since it first came out in France in 1990.

I'm a member of http//www.ombresportees.com Ombres Portées and one of the official http//shadowrun.fr/sr4-francais SR4 French translator for Black Book Éditions.

I'm also the admin of the oldest French Shadowrun website, now in its new incarnation as http//shadowrun.fr Shadowrun.fr.