Gung-Ho Chan

'''Gung Ho Chan''' is a male Ork of Chinese descent, born to an Orkish couple in 2036. (His real first name is Nicholas, usually just Nicky.) As he grew up in a rough neighborhood, he discovered that most people expected Chinese people to know all sorts of dangerous martial arts. He had no access to any such teachers, but he studied cheesy martial arts films to cultivate poses and moves as bluffs to make people think twice before bothering him. This didn’t keep him out of fights entirely, and the school of hard knocks taught him a great deal about learning dirty fighting. He is now a self-proclaimed master of the martial art of Yuk Fu (“Fuck you too!”) and has a strong talent with improvised weapons. His personality is so intense that someone referred to him as “gung-ho”, and so now he goes by the name Gung Ho Chan.

Gung Ho is a Physical Adept, not yet Initiated, who enjoys a good scrap. A number of his powers work from a Geas of naming his martial arts moves, usually completely off the cuff. (“Punching stupid Humanis goon stance!” “Chair fu!” “Your feeble technique is no match for my drunken panda kung fu!”) He makes a fair amount of money as muscle for hire, and is often found on bodyguard duty.

NOTE This was ripped off of the "twilightrun" shadowrun page. All credit goes to the original author.